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How to tell when a guy has a crush on you

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Knowing when a guy is in to you, is not easy sometimes especially if there is constant contact related to work or another similar situation; we might let our routines take the best of us making us unable to be in touch with the real world around us. Can you imagine passing by a real love opportunity because you’re too busy to notice?

Life is too short for you to go living it by yourself; everything seems better when you’re in the company of a significant other. So from now on be attentive of what is happening around you especially when it comes to guys since they can be very shy at times when it comes to making the first move.

Sings you should look out for

Frequent contact:

Every time he looks at you he smiles and makes small talk as often as possible. When you’re talking, he takes his chance to check you out with sparkling eyes.


Even though man can be shy; they will make the effort to overcome their fear and complement you in a subtle way. He will comment on your perfume, hair or outfit with something like "what perfume is that, you always smell good", "that skirt really looks good on you", "you should let your hair down more often".

Small talk:

He will try to find out what your interests are and make small talk about it to let you know he has things in common with you, opening the possibility of spending of doing something together.

Draws your attention:

He will try to impress you every chance he gets, maybe he will frequently stand tall and proud in a spot where you can see him to give you a chance to check him out.

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He tries to make you laugh:

Guys know the shortest way to a girl’s heart is through sense of humor, we just love a guy who can make us laugh without being the class clown. If you notice him approaching you to share a joke or to show you something funny he found online, that’s a clear sign that he really likes you.

Acts different when you're with another man:

Even if he is just a co worker you will notice a change in his attitude when you’re with other men. He might make a smart remark of how dumb the guy is or he will ask you surprised how you could talk to someone like that. Reveling he gets jealous when you get attention from opposite sex.

Now that you've read this article you might be aware on what’s going on with that friend who's around you all the time. What are you going to do? Write back and let us know how things turned out. We love to hear from you.



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